Proving the efficacy of a new treatment for menopausal symptoms

130 women were asked to consume an interventional product, update e-diaries daily, and complete digital questionnaires in weekly intervals, including reporting of hot flashes.


A global consumer packaged goods company wanted to understand the effectiveness of an herbal blend on menopause symptoms and quality of life (QoL).


Hybrid design, pairing digital recruitment with on-site screening to fill enrollment. 130 women were asked to consume IP and update e-diaries daily and complete digital questionnaires in weekly intervals, which assessed changes from baseline measurements collected during screening.


Efficacy was proven, and the client obtained the data needed to launch its product.


Completion rate


Completion rate

“When tested with mothers, the claim that ‘9 out of 10 moms use Bepanthen Ointment for every nappy change’ was incredibly well received.”

-Elma Magbuhos, Bayer Consumer Health - ASEAN Brand Lead (Bepanthen, Zambuk)

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