Infant Diaper Rash

Developing Consumer-Backed Claims for Diaper Rash Ointment


Global consumer-health brand Bepanthen sought to gather consumer-centric claims supported by real-world evidence in preparation of a television ad launch for its diaper-rash ointment.


Virtual design, employing targeted digital recruitment to fill enrollment with 300 mothers living in Thailand. Participants were asked to complete digital questionnaires via ObvioGo™ which assessed product usage and satisfaction. Remote data collection used to produce evidence necessary to substantiate two new consumer-centric claims.


Successful health claim substantiation for client resulting in positive outcomes (advertising campaigns/sales)

4 months

Entire projected completed in 4 months


Entire projected completed in 4 months

“When tested with mothers, the claim that ‘9 out of 10 moms use Bepanthen Ointment for every nappy change’ was incredibly well received.”

-Elma Magbuhos, Bayer Consumer Health ASEAN - Brand Lead (Bepanthen, Zambuk)

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