Infant Crying/Fussing

An Observational Study on Crying and Fussing Events in Babies


ObvioHealth was asked to conduct an observational study of infant crying and fussing.


Caregivers recorded their infants’ crying /fussing and used the ObvioGo™ app to feed back their perception of each event through daily questionnaires and e-diaries. Mandatory training and ongoing communication with subjects minimized user-interface issues and improved data integrity.


Reported crying/fussing frequency and duration was 2-3 times higher than audio-recorded events. Results provided insights into device functionality and human bias.

“We’ve identified chatbots, devices, apps, etc. that make it possible to track some very important health parameters in babies. We are now learning from it and seeing to what extent, this can further fine-tune our understanding of these babies – and then to provide them with the precision nutrition we are looking for.”

- Damien Paineau, Gut and Digital Program Director - Danone

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