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GI Tolerance

Evaluating efficacy and consumer tolerance of inulin fiber bars.

A man consuming a fiber snack bar inside of a gym, post-workout.


A Fortune 500 multinational packaged foods company sought to drive growth in a legacy fiber snack bar brand by launching new product line extensions with a re-formulated fiber ingredient.


Development of a research plan to examine 4 test product iterations of an inulin fiber bar amongst 400 participants across the US. The 100% virtual RCT collected data on clinical efficacy, GI tolerance, and consumer perceptions. 400 participants were recruited across 48 states in 24 days.


The study achieved 85% questionnaire compliance and an impressive 92% retention rate.
Data dashboards showed live results during the study.
New insights on GI response and product likeability informed product development & marketing claims.


Questionnaire Compliance



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“I reached out to them several times and they were very prompt in responding.”

-Study Participant

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