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Acute Pain Study

Real World Study on Acute Pain Treatment in Adult Post-Surgical and Non-Surgical Patients. ‍We are working with a global biopharmaceutical company known for producing advanced therapeutics and diagnostic solutions to study a well-known pain relief drug. This decentralized real-world study will explore the usage pattern, effectiveness, and tolerability of a symptomatic short-term treatment in patients with moderate to severe acute pain in post-operative and real world settings.


This study is designed to understand usage pattern and tolerability, including dosing frequency and treatment duration, of an oral pain relief drug in post-operative and non-surgical patients.


This is a decentralized, prospective, randomized controlled study. 1000+ adults will be recruited throughout 17 sites across five APAC countries, including Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong and the Philippines, to form a patient treatment registry. Patients prescribed the drug for moderate to severe acute pain (post-surgical or non-surgical) will be screened on-site and enrolled in the registry after signing eIC. These participants will be required to use the ObvioHealth app for data entry upon leaving the site. Patients will complete validated questionnaires measuring pain intensity, medication adherence, perception, and change to health status.

For inpatient participants, site staff will collect and submit required data via the ObvioHealth App.


This study has only just begun, so there are no results available at this time. However, be sure to check back soon for relevant updates.

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