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Decentralized Pediatric Studies for Better Data

Parenting is hard enough, don't complicate caregiver reporting.

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DTRA Founding Member

As a founding member of DTRA, ObvioHealth is committed to driving the future of decentralized clinical trials in the industry.

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Easy Patient/Caregiver Reporting

Audio Capture of Crying & Coughing

Babies can't speak for themselves.

The ObvioHealth platform supports audio capture that allows for the collection of data that was once very difficult to capture.

Our technology works in the background so when a cry or a cough is detected it immediately starts recording. This allows researchers to easily capture symptomology data such as duration, frequency and particular sounds that could offer insights to the study objectives.

The Obvio App showing a recording device picking up the cry of an infant located in a the nursery.

Image Capture for Stool Samples

Human Error is Inevitable.

Consider the juggling act of tending to an infant's diaper while managing to capture and grade a stool sample. We gave parents an easier way to repot data - snap a picture and click 'submit.'

Our image capture can be paired with artificial intelligence to provide more accurate data - instead of relying on solely the caregiver to rate the stool, let our AI do the scoring.  

The Obvio App showing how image capture of an infant stool sample works, alongside the corresponding grading via the Bristol Stool Index.

Next-gen ePRO

Making it easy to report experiences

Our patient and caregiver-friendly questionnaires allow for reporting of perception-driven outcomes in addition to symptoms.

We understand parents are busy so we make our app intuitive and easy-to-use. This convenience increases our compliance & retention rates.

A questionnaire distributed via phone asking about QoL as result of complications with their child's health.
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Shrinking Timelines with Virtual Capabilities

Targeted Digital Recruitment

Speed up recruitment. Recruitment can prove difficult for pediatric studies. Though over 25 percent of the world's population comprises children, pediatric studies account for less than 17 percent of registered clinical trials. Obtaining consent from parents is a primary obstacle, a typical result of sub-optimal study design.

We identify the online behaviors that point to people with a positive pre-disposition for a specific trial. Because our studies are virtual, we are not geographically tied to a site location, meaning less burdensome participation for parents. Virtual prescreening/screening and e-consent simplify and streamline the recruitment process, making for happier, more engaged participants.

Virtual Study Team

Live support without the headache. To keep participants engaged and retained, constant communication is a must. The ObvioHealth App offers a direct line to the research staff so patients can report potential AE/SAE, request troubleshooting support, or simply ask a question - at any time of the day or night.

Conversely, a member of the research staff can reach out to a participant if they notice slipping compliance/engagement or health-related concerns. Our expert staff add the human element that provide participants the reassurance needed to complete the study.

Lisa, the Obvio App virtual study assistant asks the participant how they'd like to communicate.

Real-time Reporting with Live Dashboards

For ObvioHealth clients, data is compiled into an easy-to-read dashboard, enabling a live 'look-in' on study status. This simplified format provides an overview of the trial data, highlights any outlier data, and allows the trial monitor to dig into the details. The research staff and sponsor can collaborate for quick pivots as needed.

An example of what a customized study dashboard may look like for an ObvioHealth client (on tablet).

Therapeutic Areas

ObvioHealth has conducted 42 studies in 28 countries with more than 25,000 participants. Click through the therapeutic areas below to see some of our case studies.

Virtual Trial Journey

A Seamless End-to-End Experience

ObvioHealth studies are run on our purpose-built platform by our own in-house virtual team. This allows us to work seamlessly from protocol design all the way through to analysis and reporting.

A mom playing with infant's feet after changing diaper.
GI category label.Pediatrics category label.

Image Collection of Infant/ Toddler Stools for Software Development and GI Assessment

A fully virtual observational study using the ObvioHeath app to collect and classify images of infant stool samples and gather data representative of GI function.

• 2,366 evaluable images collected
• 95% retention

Read Full Case Study
A mother feeding her infant formula through a bottle.
Pediatrics category label.GI category label.Nutrition category label.

Studying Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders in Infants

1000 healthy infants and toddlers provided ePRO data to assess the prevalence and management of FGIDs, their impacts on QoL, and efficacy of treatments.​

• 100% questionnaire compliance
• 127,431 data points evaluated in real time

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