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Better QoL data for your next cancer study.

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DTRA Founding Member

As a founding member of DTRA, ObvioHealth is committed to driving the future of decentralized clinical trials in the industry.

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Decentralized Oncology Studies Minimize Patient Burden

Recognition of the importance of quality of life measurement for cancer patients has grown with the awareness that some new drugs may bring only modest gains in overall survival. While almost all cancer trials require site visits, QoL data is best collected virtually to reduce strain on an already burdened patient population.

Oncology trials also require extreme vigilance in monitoring safety and symptoms. ObvioHealth’s app makes it easy for patients to submit e-diaries from the comforts of home. It also allows for more consistent monitoring when patients are at home.
This enables immediate detection of an adverse event so the study team and patients' physicians can react appropriately.

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Tracking Prevalence and Evolution of COVID-19 Symptoms in Cancer Patients

Saint-Joseph’s Hospital of Paris and ObvioHealth partnered to study the prevalence and impact of COVID-19 among oncology patients.

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Using Virtual Data Capture to Measure QoL in Cancer Studies

We examine four scenarios for "virtualizing" clinical trials, including oncology studies.  

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The ObvioHealth App

Our proprietary application brings clinical research into people’s homes, making it easier for them to participate, and easier for researchers to collect robust data sets which reflect real behaviors.

Virology symptoms questionnaire on the ObvioHealth app.
"Pain" questionnaire on the ObvioHealth app.
"Discomfort" questionnaire on the ObvioHealth app.

Curious How to Take Your Oncology Study Virtual?

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Therapeutic Areas

ObvioHealth has conducted 42 studies in 28 countries with more than 25,000 participants. Click through the therapeutic areas below to see some of our case studies.

Virtual Trial Journey

A Seamless End-to-End Experience

ObvioHealth studies are run on our purpose-built platform by our own in-house virtual team. This allows us to work seamlessly from protocol design all the way through to analysis and reporting.

Delivering Better Data for Your Oncology Study

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Outcomes Measurement

The ObvioHealth platform and app incorporates multiple data capture technologies to adapt to the needs of any given trial.  Our e-diaries and validated questionnaires are specifically designed to be easy to use on a smartphone, incorporating scales and pictograms so patients can effortlessly tell us how they’re feeling. Our virtual platform also includes device integration, allowing you to track a patient’s activity and sleep.  

Let us help you design a study that meets your endpoints while keeping patients engaged.  

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Logistics Management 

Our platform makes it easy to trigger, track and manage products and payment of incentives. ObvioHealth can reimburse participants with the stipend program that is fully virtual. We ship any needed study supplies or devices directly to the participant’s home.

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Medication Adherence & Adverse Events

An important advantage of ObvioHealth’s app is the real time remote monitoring of medication adherence and potential adverse events. Our escalating system of reminders and immediate AE/SAE detection make our studies safer, while also improving medication adherence.

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Recruitment & Onboarding

Recruitment is often a huge barrier to trial success, particularly for oncology studies. ObvioHealth uses digital targeting methods to find untapped populations. We identify the online behaviors that point to people with a positive pre-disposition for a specific trial and, because our studies are virtual, we are not geographically tied to a site location.  Data is collected through our proprietary app, giving participants more privacy in their responses.

Once recruited, we enroll participants through virtual prescreening/screening and e-consent. This eliminates the burdensome cost of site retention and staffing requirements, and often shortens the recruitment period.

Better QoL data for your oncology trial.

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