Numbers Breakdown

100% Questionnaire Compliance Rate
Data Points Evaluated In Real Time
Number of Days for Survey Completion

Strategic Planning and Execution

The Challenge

A multinational food and beverage corporation offering a line-up of brands under the dairy/plant-based, and specialized nutrition categories sought to analyze the prevalence of specific functional gastrointestinal disorders (FGIDs) in infants and toddlers. The sponsor desired to understand the impact that FGIDs have on the quality of life (QoL) of parents/caretakers of infant/toddlers, and to explore the efficacy of treatments for FGIDs. ObvioHealth was retained as a third-party to facilitate project management, monitoring, data management, medical writing and to prepare the final report.

The Approach

A digital/social media method of recruitment was employed to enroll parents of 1000 healthy infants and toddlers between the ages of 2 to 19 months, living in Thailand. Participants utilized an online survey software to complete questionnaires configured to assess the prevalence and management of FGIDs, measure impact on parent health-related QoL, ascertain birth characteristics, and determine the study age group of the infant/toddler. ObvioHealth was tasked with designing the survey questionnaires, informed consent form, and held responsible for the management/storage of study data.

The Results

The application of central monitoring allowed for a completely virtual study design, bypassing the need for patients to visit to a physical site location and increasing the likelihood of protocol compliance. Utilization of the customized survey tool resulted in extremely efficient collection of robust data points, as the project successfully obtained the required amount of survey responses in a matter of 44 days. Finally, ObvioHealth proved its truly global capabilities, enabling the study to be carried out in Thailand.     


Global Capabilities

Diverse Data

Entire project facilitated in 

the native language 

of participants

Data points collected from

overall population living in

rural or urban regions of


Showcased ability

to work with international 

regulatory agency

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