Background Information

  • Approximately 15 million infants are born pre-term each year worldwide.
  • Mothers of late pre-term infants that are admitted to the NICU experience 18 times the stress of full-term infant parents.
  • Pre-term birth complications are the leading cause of death in infants under the age of 5.

Strategic Planning and Execution


A world leading food and beverage company focused in infant and medical nutrition sought to gather real-life data from parents with infants (preterm and full-term). The client needed to gather data in relation to sleep, stress levels and infant nutrition. 

Secondarily, the study aimed to explore the variations in data from parents of pre-term infants compared to that of full-term infants. 


ObvioHealth developed a hybrid clinical trial design, utilizing a study site in Singapore for a prescreening evaluation. However, the majority of the study occurred virtually, through ClaimIt. 

Data was collected through a chat function in ClaimIt. This provided instant messaging features dedicated as an interactive tool for parents to relay data in accordance with study protocol. 

ObvioHealth managed all aspects of study execution including protocol and eCRF design, DM, Biostats and medical writing.


Full recruitment was completed in 75 percent of the recruitment timeline. 

Using the chat function in ClaimIt proved to be a valuable combination, allowing the study team to collect qualitative feedback. The use of instant messaging made the study convenient for new parents, and they felt engaged throughout the study. 

ClaimIt™ Feedback

80 percent of participants identified ClaimIt™ as “easy to use.”


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